Roof Leak

Many home owners are confused about what exactly is covered by their property insurance policy when it comes to a roof leak. The insurance agent who sold you the policy was able to answer questions regarding coverage at the time of sale, but if and when the time comes to file a claim, other than yourself, there are really only two entitles that can represent you in dealings with your insurance company – an attorney or a public adjuster. That’s why you should contact us first.

Roof leak claims are one of the most common types of property insurance claims that are filed in the state of Florida. These claims can be caused by a wide variety of circumstances, including wind damage due to hurricanes, tornados, or tropical storms, as well as from heavy rain.

Unfortunately, roof leaks are not always discovered until long after any water damage has occurred, meaning that not all of these leaks will produce noticeable damage right away. This can lead to additional types of damage over time if it is not attended to immediately.

Roof leaks can also be difficult to locate. This is because oftentimes, the hole that is in the roof may not be near the actual stain that is in the ceiling. In other instances, a leak may arise in a small space that is between the flashing and the roof. In order to find the leak, the entire roof of the structure must then be checked.

In many cases, a roof leak can cause damage to the interior of a home or commercial property. This may include deterioration and swelling of walls, ceilings, and baseboards, as well as cracked paint and stains. All of these scenarios can turn out to be extremely costly.

If your home or commercial property has experienced a leaky roof, then it is possible that your insurance policy may entitle you to a settlement for the necessary repairs. However, the adjuster that is sent from your insurance company to inspect the damage is typically representing the insurer – not you. This means that they may not always have your best interest at heart when it comes to determining a monetary settlement.

A better alternative is to turn to a public adjuster such as the People’s Insurance Claim Center. At PICC, we represent you, the policy holder. Our staff has handled more than 55,000 insurance claims – both large and small – and we only collect if you do. We’ve had over 15 years of success.

Insurance companies have teams of experts that represent them – so why shouldn’t you? When it comes to roof leaks and roof leak claims on your insurance coverage, regardless of whether it’s on a residential or commercial property, contact the People’s Insurance Claim Center first.