Hurricane Claims

While there are many advantages to living in sunny Florida, tropical storms and hurricanes are not one of them. The damage that these weather patterns can cause can be devastating to home and business properties – and the destruction can be quite costly.

During any type of severe storm or hurricane, it is of utmost importance to remain safe – and if possible, to prepare beforehand. You can do so by securing your property and ensuring that all outdoor items and furniture are either taken indoors or fastened so as not to become flying debris.

Although property owners are typically insured for certain losses, it is often confusing at best to determine just exactly what is – and is not – covered when a damaging event occurs. The agent who sold you the insurance policy was likely able to answer many questions about hurricane claim coverage at the time that he or she was making the sale. However, if or when the time comes to file a claim, it is not your agent that you will be working with.

If you have a hurricane claim, it is likely that your insurance company will not have your best interest at heart. That is why you should contact us first. We will get you the settlement funds that you need and deserve to get your property back into shape – without all of the hassle.

According to Florida state statutes, when going through the property insurance claims process, there are really only two entities that may represent you regarding claims and other dealings with your insurer, other than yourself. These include an attorney or a public adjuster such as the People’s Insurance Claim Center.

At PICC, we represent you, the insurance policy holder, and not the insurance company. We have successfully handled over 55,000 claims of all sizes for our clients. Because we only collect if you do, we will work that much harder for you.

The People’s Insurance Claims Center are also hurricane adjusting experts. We have adjusted many hurricane claims throughout the South Florida area, including claims related to Hurricane Wilma, Katrina, Rita, and several other named storms. People’s Insurance Claim Center has extensive experience dealing with residential losses, condominium losses, and commercial property losses. Even if you’ve already placed a claim and you are not satisfied with your settlement, we can re-evaluate your loss and possibly even maximize your settlement.

You insurance company has a team of experts representing them, so why shouldn’t you do the same? When it comes to hurricane claims on your property insurance policy, regardless of whether it is on a commercial or a residential structure, contact the People’s Insurance Claim Center first.