Flood Damage

Flood damage insurance coverage can offer a great amount of protection that is not provided by a typical homeowner’s policy. It is highly recommended that property owners include this coverage – especially those in the state of Florida where tropical storms and heavy rains are common.

Most property owners who want flood insurance protection will need to purchase it through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). This coverage is available to those who reside in a community that is in compliance with federal storm water and flood plain management rules.

Policy holders who do not have flood damage coverage under the NFIP program, but whose property was damaged by water, may have certain coverage under their homeowner’s policy if the following conditions apply:

  • The property was damaged by wind-driven rain or by falling rain that came in through a hole
  • The damage was not caused by a “flood” as that particular term is defined in the insurance policy
  • The wording of the insurance policy’s exclusions for flood damage and / or concurrent causes is vague or unclear
  • The policy holder has a surplus lines policy that does not specifically exclude flood damage

There are, however, some insurance companies that will also sell homeowners policies that specifically cover flood damage. The insurance agent who sold you the policy may have been able to provide you with information about your coverage at the time you purchased it.

However, if or when you need to file any flood damage claims, other than yourself, there are really only two other entities that are allowed to represent you in dealings with your property insurer. These are either an attorney or a public adjuster. In any event, you should contact us first.

A more positive alternative may be to go with a public adjuster such as the People’s Insurance Claim Center. At PICC, we work for you, the insurance policy holder. We have successfully handled over 55,000 property insurance claims for our clients – both small and large – and we only collect if you do. Throughout our 15 years of experience in the South Florida area, we have been able to provide our clients with the insurance settlements that they deserve.

There are many items to be aware of within the small print of an insurance policy. Having someone on your side can help you to obtain the settlement that you need and deserve in order to restore your property.

Your insurance company certainly has a team of professionals that are working for it – so why shouldn’t you do the same? When it comes to flood damage claims, regardless of whether it is on a residential or a commercial property, contact the People’s Insurance Claim Center. We will work for you.