Fire Damage

Damage from a fire’s flames, along with the resulting smoke, can be very dangerous to both residential and commercial structures. Whether your property is large or small, fire damage can be devastating.

This type of property damage needs to be professionally evaluated by an experienced loss consultant and estimator in order to ensure that the property owner is properly indemnified through their insurance policy. This will determine who much – if any – you will receive in order to make the needed repairs.

The insurance agent who sold you your property insurance was likely able to answer questions about coverage at the time of sale. However, if and when the time comes to file a fire damage claim, other than yourself, there are only two other entities that are able to represent you in dealings with your insurance company. These are an attorney or a public adjuster.

In Florida, fire damage may occur at any time and for a number of different reasons. For example, lightening is one common cause of fire. Likewise, electrical fires may occur in more older constructed homes. In any case, when a fire first occurs, it is essential that everyone who is occupying the property gets out safely.

In order to do so, it is best to have a plan in place for evacuating the property. If the fire is small and can be extinguished easily, this should occur as soon as possible in order to prevent the fire from further spreading. If, however, the fire is large or it is spreading quickly, or if there is a large amount of smoke present, it is best to leave the property as quickly as possible and to call 911 immediately.

If your home or business property has experienced any type of fire damage, then you may be entitled to a settlement through your insurance policy. However, the adjuster that your property insurance company sends to inspect the damage will likely be representing the insurer, not you, when it comes to that settlement. That’s why you should call us first.

A better alternative is to turn to a public adjuster such as the People’s Insurance Claim Center. At PICC, we represent you, the policy holder. Our staff has handled over 55,000 property insurance claims of all sizes throughout our 15 years in business. Because we work on contingency, we only collect if you do.

Your insurance company has a team of experts that represent them, so why shouldn’t you? When it comes to fire damage and fire damage claims on your property insurance coverage, regardless of whether it is on a residential or commercial property, contact the People’s Insurance Claim Center first.