If you have had an insurance claim denied – or if you were not happy with the result of a claim that’s been filed – People’s Insurance Claim Center, Inc. can help. In many cases, insurance adjusters are working for the insurance company – not you. But as a public adjuster, we go to bat for the policy holder.

We handle a variety of both residential and commercial insurance claims, including:

  • Water damage
  • Wind damage
  • Roof leaks
  • Theft / vandalism
  • Flood damage
  • Fire damage
  • Loss of use
  • Loss of rent
  • Business interruption
  • Hurricane / tropical storm
  • Mold

When you purchase your property insurance policy, your sales agent likely explained how the policy would work in the event of filing a claim. However, when the time comes to actually file a claim, it isn’t the sales agent who will handle that process.

Rather, you will need to go through an entirely different set of procedures altogether – beginning with handling the repairs on your property. In fact, your sales agent will have little – or nothing at all – to do with the eventual settlement of the claim. It is instead the adjuster from the insurance company who will typically oversee and evaluate the payment. That’s why you should contact us first!


What Types of Claims Are Handled?

In Florida, tropical storms and hurricanes are not unlikely. With these events can come damaging high winds that can wreak havoc on homes and businesses. Because many insurance companies underpay on hurricane claims in Florida, it is a good idea to purchase coverage that will protect your property in the event of storms and hurricanes. You should also consider working with a public adjuster should you need to file a claim for this type of property damage.

Unfortunately, theft and vandalism have also become more prevalent in our society today. While these events can be performed by strangers, oftentimes the culprit is a former tenant or other known individual. When you work in conjunction with PICC, we will ensure that your claim is filed quickly so that you are able to recover your damages in a timely manner.

As a business owner, being unable to earn an income due to physical damage of your company property can be a hindrance – both in the present, as well as in the future due to the permanent loss of customers because of the event. With business interruption coverage, you can be paid for the loss of net income that is incurred during the period of time that your property is being repaired.

If you have a question about these or any of the other types of property insurance claims that are covered through People’s Insurance Claim Center, please contact us for additional information.

Insurance Claim Adjustment for Interior Water Damage

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most commonly filed insurance claims. Water damage includes pipe bursts, dishwasher leaks, icemaker lines, AC leaks, etc. These types of claims are often current issues that happen unexpectedly and need to be mitigated right away.

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Insurance Claim Adjustment for Wind Damage

Wind Damage

Hurricane and Tropical Storm force winds are extremely destructive to our homes and businesses. Insurance companies usually underpay Hurricane Claims. It is highly recommended that property and business owners purchase coverage for Hurricane damage to protect their assets.

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Insurance Claim Adjustment for Water Damage

Roof Leak 

Many homeowners are confused about what exactly is covered by their property insurance policies when it is a roof leak. If, for instance, water leaks through their ceilings during a heavy rainstorm and damages their interior walls, furniture and personal belongs, most of the time it is covered loss.

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 Insurance Claim Adjustment for Theft


Walking into your home or business after it has been damaged by a break-in, vandals or prior tenants’ is devastating. At PICC, our job is to ensure that your damages are properly reported and your claim is filed immediately, so we can recover what you deserve.

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 Flood Damage - Insurance Claims Adjuster

Flood Damage

Flood is regulated by NFIP and has to have a 2 mile radius and be considered a “conditional flood”. Flood coverage provides a great amount of protection that is not provided by a typical homeowner’s policy and is highly recommended to have.

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Insurance Claim Adjustment for Fire Damage

Fire Damage

Damage from the fire’s flames, smoke damage, is very dangerous and damaging. The resulting damage from a fire must be professionally evaluated by an experienced loss consultant and estimator to ensure that the homeowner is properly indemnified.

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 Loss of Use - Insurance Claims Adjuster

Loss of Use Due to Property Damage

Depending on how long you’ll be unable to live in your home, there are different options available. A PICC representative can help you find temporary housing and explain your coverage for Additional Living Expenses.

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Loss of Rent - Insurance Claims Adjuster

Loss of Rent Due to Property Damage

Loss of use coverage may provide reimbursement for the loss of rental property income. Call PICC so we can discuss this coverage with you further.

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Business Interruption