Your business is unique, and that’s why it deserves individual and personal attention – especially when it comes to an insurance claim. When purchasing your commercial insurance coverage, your agent may have been able to answer questions regarding how the policy worked.

However, if and when the time comes for filing a claim, you won’t be working with your agent, but rather an adjuster. The adjuster that is sent to inspect the damage will typically work for the insurance company – not you. That’s why you should call us first. We don’t work for the insurance company – we work for you in getting the insurance settlement that you and your company deserve.

Our full staff at People’s Insurance Claim Center offers a wealth of experience and expertise when it comes to presenting and supporting our clients with Business Income, Business Income Loss, and Commercial Property Claims.

Here at PICC, we have a team of highly experienced experts that consists of licensed adjusters, forensic accountants, contractors, and attorneys that will help you with all of the details hat are related to maximizing your claim settlement – and not just settling for what the insurance company would have offered to you.

Commercial claims losses are usually a very difficult and agonizing experience for a business owner. They can require an attention to detail in which there are many exclusions, limitations, and co-insurance penalties – details that can oftentimes work against you. In our experience, many business owners are not familiar with their insurance policy, and because of this, they are often under insured – or not insured at all.

If you don’t have your own valuations to your loss, you could be subject to those of the insurance company. These may not be enough to provide you with all of the funds that you need in order to fully restore your commercial property.

At PICC, we are a public adjuster. Therefore, we represent you, the policy holder. Not only will we handle and maximize your claim, but we will also serve to be a risk analyst for you prior to a loss occurring. We are here to guide and represent you from the beginning to the end. We handle a wide variety of commercial claims, including:

  • Condominiums
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Strip Malls
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Industrial
  • Medical Buildings
  • Churches / Temples
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Inventory of Damaged Contents
  • Business Interruption

Your insurance company has a team of experts that represent them – so why shouldn’t you too? When it comes to any type of commercial insurance claims, contact the People’s Insurance Claim Center first. We work for you!


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